Unwind from your day and week with a gentle yet challenging practice, while surrounded by the peaceful glow of candle light.  The flickering flames and the surrounding  darkness will inspire you to turn your focus inward by letting go of external distractions.



After you’re comfortable with the introduction to yoga you can move into a stronger class. This course is designed to help you develop strength, flexibility, endurance, and body awareness through a more vigorous power vinyasa flow sequence. Some yoga experience is recommended, but this class is open to all levels.



What You Can Experience at HYS

Gentle Hatha yoga

Power VInyasa Yoga

candle light yoga

This class offers new students, or ones that are just in need of a refresher, an introduction to the practice of yoga and focuses on a safe introduction to some of the core poses. All levels welcome.



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Experience is everything, and here at the Hana Yoga Studio our goal is to provide guests with a unique yoga experience that incorporates a challenging practice amidst the peaceful solitude of the Hawaiian rainforest. As the first and only yoga studio in the remote town of Hana in East Maui, we offer a variety of classes aimed at strengthening and linking body, mind and breath.  Our mission at the HYS is simple: LIVE to your greatest potential. LOVE with your entire being. BREATHE deeply and fully, and honor that each breath you take is the most important one of your life.  

Hana Yoga Studio

Live. Love. Breathe.