The Hana Yoga Studio was inspired by the remote tropical town of Hana, which with its rugged coast, lush rainforest, abundant waterfalls and spectacular beaches is the embodiment of clean and healthy living. The HYS was designed with the intention of sharing the physical and meditative healing powers of yoga with the people of Hana, and sharing the restorative tranquility and peace that is Hana with the global yoga community. By practicing at our studio, we hope to teach you a new awareness of your body, mind, and spirit. We also hope that you’ll gain the knowledge and the ability to push yourself to new limits in the discipline that is yoga. We take a very balanced and open approach to teaching and to inspiring you to find your passion. Namaste.

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Hana Yoga Studio

The Hana Yoga Studio is located in the remote town of Hana, on the eastern coast of Maui. It is just minutes from the world famous Hamoa beach and Waioka (Venus) pool. Our multi-level yoga deck is perched amongst tropical fruit trees in the lush jungle rainforest. During your practice you will feel the warm breeze rustle through the trees and dance upon your skin, hear the birds sing and the waves crash upon the shore, see the abundant beauty of pure nature, and experience the true bliss of yoga in one of the world's most remote and vibrant environments.


Maui resident and yoga instructor Eliza Darling has been practicing yoga for the last nearly a decade. After graduating high school in the remote community of Hana on the eastern coast of Maui, she lived briefly in Europe, before moving to Honolulu to finish her undergraduate studies. It was there that she attended her first yoga class, and from that point on began to incorporate yogic techniques such as pranyama and asana into her physically active life. Shortly after earning a BA from the Hawaii Pacific University she and her husband moved to California, where she began to incorporate the physical and spiritual intricacies of yoga into her life through a disciplined practice. She furthered her dedication and passion for yoga when she earned a 200 hour yoga teaching certificate through Corepower Yoga in San Diego, CA. Eliza moved back to Hana in early 2013, where she now teaches yoga in the small community of her childhood home. Her dynamic classes are a mix of Hatha and Power Vinyasa flow, integrating a deep focus on the breath, vigorous and creative sequencing, strong core work, precise attention to alignment, and set to the sounds of energizing playlists. Her classes are designed to inspire students to build and honor their physical strength and to arrive at a point of mental clarity by challenging their bodies, slowing and lengthening their breathing, and creating a vital bond between the body, mind, and breath. She also strives to create a bond in the community through the love and passion she and her students share for yoga. Eliza and her husband, Zach, opened the Hana Yoga Studio in April of 2013. She splits her time teaching at the HYS, the Hana Art Barn, the Hana School, and the Travaasa Hotel and Spa. She also occasionally guest teaches at other studios around the island of Maui. Eliza is currently an ambassador for Glyder Apparel and an advocate for Rise Bars and most recently LVR Fashions.